In The Rose Garden: Left Eye's Perspective - 2022

  • Hushed Impressions, Orleans House Gallery, London
    [12 January 2023 - 3 March 2023]
  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Support: Recycled canvas
  • Support Size: 660 x 900 x 10mm
  • Created: 2022

Do not touch



  • ‘In The Rose Garden: Left Eye's Perspective’
  • In front of you is an artwork, demonstrating the strength of sight I have in each eye.
    This ‘In the rose garden’ diptych, displays the left and right eyes perspectives of the same rose garden landscape.
    I have used layers of sculpted white tissue paper to describe the scene I saw before me. My hands acted as my eyes helping me identify with the shapes, I felt but could not see.
  • Noticeably the left eye's interpretation is more detailed and intricate. Long stems grow tall across the canvas, into dense swathes of petals and flower heads.
    The right eye's perspective of the roses faded and fragmented, and the shapes of the roses are flattened and less realistic. One can see large areas of empty spaces that occupy the left-hand side of the collage.