Artistic Practice

As a visually impaired artist, Bianca works with essential lines and marks to describe her subjects, whether this is drawn on paper or outlined through drapes with fabrics. She uses a limited selection of lines and marks that convey contours, shadows and the little extracted detail and definition that she is able to see.

Bianca’s intention is to be able to engage and relate to others through artistic mediums and encourage them to interact with their emotions and senses.

The primacy of drawing in Bianca's practice comes from its speed and organic force, coupled with the ability to back light her work through a support, which aids Bianca’s Nystagmus one of the three eye conditions she suffers from.

Bianca's work is spontaneous and light with a fluidity that suits any mediums, Bianca has a limited amount of time when drawing before her eyes tire. She uses this to her strength, to impart only critical marks and strokes, she sees as the essential.

Bianca's work comprises of portraits, female nudes and landscapes, which she draws with water-soluble pencils, ink and paints, these are her preferred mediums.



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