I am delighted to announce that 'Fading Portrait’ has been selected for the annual shape open exhibition 2022.
This years exhibition is titled 'In the Mirror' 
The exhibition will launch Online from 30th June 2022.
Please view the exhibition here - Online exhibition 'In the Mirror'

‘Fading Portrait’ is a painting on linen canvas by Bianca Raffaella. The surface of both the painting and the canvas itself is textured with coarse brush strokes and small, fine raised bumps. The painting has a strikingly neutral and organic feeling to it. The paints used are from a single tonal set; whites and creams which contrast only subtly with the canvas. Despite the limited palette, a portrait of a woman, face downturned and eyes cast to the floor, is distinguishable, primarily because of the contrast in textures rather than colours which define the facial features. The brush strokes appear rapid but deliberate, as though the artist has an intimate knowledge of the relationship of light to their subject.


Fading portrait - 2022