27th – 30th April 2022

Group Exhibition held at the Espacio Gallery, London

I am delighted to announce my Painting of 'Morillon' will be exhibited at the Espacio gallery pop-up exhibition called Fluid. This exhibition is on at the same time as Trauma and Healing – where I am also showing two of my artworks.

'Morillon' was painted en plein air, at the foot of the Alps, in the summer of 2021.

Morillon - 2021


Raffaella painted this mountainscape whilst observing the mountains' beautiful outlines, elegant contours, and the little detail that she could see. The mountains' shadows and fissures are detailed in the painting with darker shades of cobalt blue. Overwhelmed by the sheer presence of scale evoked by the landscape, Raffaella intended to capture the stillness and peace radiating from the mountains, as the whistling winds rolled around its immovable form.

Whilst painting this magnificent mountainscape in the South East of France, Raffaella imparted both her physical and emotional reactions to the volatile weather. The sudden sensation of icy cold mist on her skin, the subtle changes in pressure, and the thin air at altitude.

ˈfluːɪd/ noun a substance that has no fixed shape.
The intensity and simplicity of overlapping waves, allowing the viewers gaze to spiral across the picture...  - Wolfgang Paalan
I see music as fluid architecture - Joni Mitchell